EP 1086B - Pasta Making in a Castle in Italy

Summary: Join us for the ultimate Italian cooking holiday November 1st - 6th 2022 in Puglia, Italy!
Air Date: 3/8/22
Duration: 11:38
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Dr. Michael Crupain & Silvestro Silvestori
Michael Crupain, MD, MPH is senior vice president, clinical operations, of Sharecare, the leading digital health company that helps people – no matter where they are in their health journey – build a longer, better life by enabling health transformation at the individual, organizational and community level. A board-certified preventive medicine physician whose mission is to make the world a healthier place, Dr. Crupain is a multiple Emmy® Award-winning producer and author of the best-selling book “What to Eat When.”

Dr. Crupain also serves as the medical unit chief of staff at “The Dr. Oz Show,” where he directs the show’s research team in order to shape and ensure the accuracy of content. In addition, he often spearheads show investigations to protect consumers from scams and manages collaborations with outside groups to develop public health campaigns. His responsibilities extend beyond the show itself as he also oversees the creation of multimedia content for multiple platforms including print, web and television.

Silvestro Silvestori, the owner, founder, and director of the awaiting table cookery school, Lecce, Italy has been teaching the food and wine of Puglia and particular- Italy's Salentine peninsula since 2003. in addition to his knowledge of Pugliese food and culture, Silvestro is a nationally-certified sommelier in Italy, and a staff writer for wine & spirits magazine, covering all their Southern Italian food and wine content. he has also appeared on American, Australian, Belgian, British, Chinese, Dutch, and Italian television, and Italy's most respected newspaper called him, ‘a national treasure’, and ‘the anthropologist of the traditional cuisine of the Salento’ for his work in preservation and promotion of Salentine’s food and wine.​
EP 1086B - Pasta Making in a Castle in Italy
Join us for the ultimate Italian cooking holiday November 1st - 6th 2022 in Puglia, Italy! 

With this course, Drs. Mike Roizen and Michael Crupain, along with Silvestro Silvestori of the Awaiting Table Cookery School, the oldest in all of Puglia, have teamed to help you to learn experience the true Mediterranean lifestyle, learn the science behind what makes it so special, and hopefully add years to your life.

In the old world, geography drives cuisine and because of it, farm animals have never thrived in the Salento. With very few hills, there is no cooling air to console potential livestock from the almost Northern African summer heat. The flat, sunny fields have always been better suited for growing the world's most healthful foods--pulses, fruits, and vegetables. And lots and lots of olives, nearly all species used to make olive oil. 

So slowly, imperceptibly, over countless generations, loving mothers and wives figured out ingenious ways to apply their Italian culinary genius to the humblest of plant-based ingredients. Today this naturally healthy cuisine is considered by Italians to be the most delicious in all of the country. Silvestro has devoted his life to preserving this culinary tradition and teaching it to visitors from all over the world.
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