The Special Gift of Service Animals

Summary: Can you rehabilitate and train shelter dogs to become service animals for special needs children?
Air Date: 1/12/13
Duration: 60
Host: Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Janice Wolfe
Janice Wolfe, the founder of Merlin's Kids, and a cancer survivor, searched for a reason why she survived while so many others did not. As a result, she has dedicated herself to helping to provide and train service animals for special needs individuals.Janice is known as "The Lady" Dog Whisperer and "New Jersey's Dog Whisperer" for her unique abilities with dogs with behavioral issues. Janice has rehabilitated over 25,000 dogs. She travels around the country with Wyatt, evaluting children and prospective dogs, rehabilitating and training service dogs, training families and school staff, family members, and often the children, then placing the dogs in their final home. Janice is co-author of, There's Hope! The Four Essential to a Stable Dog and is currently authoring two book series with good friend Dr. Temple Grandin. Besides her work with Merlin's KIDS, Janice helps private families with their dogs' issues.

She graduated Columbia University in 3 years with a BA in Economic Scinece and a BA in Biological Science with a concentration in Genetics and Behavior and minored in English, Spanish, Political Science, and Philosophy. We rely solely on charitable donations to help families in need. Our goal is to ensure that service, therapy, or companion animals are available to everyone regardless of financial circumstance. Janice Travels all over the United States finding out the specific needs of the individual then finds a rescue dog that can be trained to meet those needs.
  • Book Title: There's Hope! The Four Essentials to a Stable Dog
The Special Gift of Service Animals
Cancer survivor, Janice Wolfe, tried to understand why she survived a terminal illness so many people do not.

Her search led to the founding of Merlin's KIDS, a non-profit dedicated to help, provide, and train service animals for special needs children.

Wolfe explains how she rehabilitated more than 25,000 dogs and trained them to become service animals.

Each dog is trained specifically for the needs of the individual. Wolfe, who co-authored There's Hope! The Four Essentials to a Stable Dog, is also known as "The Lady Dog Whisperer" and "New Jersey's Dog Whisperer" for her uncanny ability to train dogs with behavioral issues.

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