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Ep16 - Move Past Mental Illness: Lauren Polly

From the Show: Which Way is Life
Summary: How to move past mental illness, how she moved past her own Bipolar diagnosis, plus the one thing you can do today to make your life better with author and life coach, Lauren Polly.
Air Date: 12/5/16
Duration: 31:10
Host: Bill Klaproth
Guest Bio: Lauren Polly
Lauren PollyLauren Polly, author of The Other Side of Bipolar shares her own journey to help others find the life they desire without limitations. Lauren is a catalyst for people who are living their life on autopilot; she helps others shift from surviving to thriving through dynamic healing, self-empowerment, and life-changing tools.

She hosts a weekly radio show called, Beyond Speech, Limitless Communication, and is a Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator, Certified Talk to the Entities® Facilitator, ASHA Certified Medical Speech-Language Pathologist, and is a registered Yoga Instructor.
  • Book Title: The Other Side of Bipolar
  • Guest Facebook Account: www.facebook.com/laurenpollycoaching
  • Guest Twitter Account: @LPollyLifeCoach

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Why you should approach life with a sense of curiosity.
  • How a holistic psychiatrist changed her life and how to find the right people to help you.
  • Strategies for a bipolar diagnosis.
  • How to manage the expectations of others and yourself.
  • Why everyday should start with a question: “How can I find Joy today?”

High Five Highlights:

  • How to shift from surviving to thriving: Stop making yourself wrong.
  • Advice she would give her younger self: There is hope… and there is a life far, far beyond what you see in the present.
  • Book she would share:  Dain Heer - Being You Changing the World
  • How to embrace your differences: Stop buying into other people’s judgment of you and your own.
  • The most important thing she’s learned in his life: To trust herself.

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