EP 24 - Dr. Fat-Off's Life-Long Weight Loss Solutions

Summary: Why are so many individuals overweight and obese?
Air Date: 1/31/18
Duration: 25:54
Guest Bio: Eddie Fatakhov, MD
Eddie-FatakhovDr. Eddie Fatakhov provides medical and natural care for a broad range of conditions at The Center for Internal and Integrative Medicine, which he opened in July of 2015. There, he helps patients discover and address the underlying causes of their health problems, so they can achieve optimal health. Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan that emphasizes dis-ease prevention in addition to relieving symptoms.

As a board-certified physician, Dr. Fatakhov has expertise in both internal and integrative medicine, along with nutrition and the prevention of health problems. He is weight loss specialist, wellness expert, and nutritionist. Those accreditations, along with his clinical experience, make him an expert in weight management and weight loss.

Dr. Fatakhov is a best-selling author of The Doctors’ Clinic-30 Program and he contributed to Internal Medicine -- The Survival Guide to Residency.

He enjoys spending time with family and friends, staying physically active, traveling, and reading. His credentials include membership in the American College of Physicians and an award for The Outstanding Resident in Volunteerism and Advocacy for the State of Georgia. Additionally, Dr. Fatakhov shares his internal and integrative medical knowledge and expertise with others as an assistant professor of clinical medicine at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta State University.

Currently, Dr. Fatakhov is writing his sec-ond book about weight loss, which should be available in Spring of 2018.
EP 24 - Dr. Fat-Off's Life-Long Weight Loss Solutions
Why are so many individuals overweight and obese?

According to Dr. Eddie Fatakhov, the following factors all play a role:

  • Society we live in
  • Foods we eat
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Menopause
But, Dr. Fatakhov also believes that one of the number-one reasons for weight gain involves the use of certain everyday medications (OTC included).

Along with "righting" the ship with patients' medication regimens, Dr. Fatakhov implements simple, logical techniques to help them lose weight -- as easy as recognizing true hunger cues vs. dehydration. 

Listen as Dr. Fatakhov joins Dr. Bond to explain the role of medications in weight gain, as well as easy tips for getting your weight in check. He also cautions the pitfalls of eating too many vegetables and its relation to diabetes.

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