EP 52 - 3 Pillars of Healing: Foods, Movement & Mindset

Summary: Use the three pillars of healing to get your life back on track.
Air Date: 8/22/18
Duration: 27:56
Host: Dr. Ward Bond
Guest Bio: Danette May, Founder of Mindful Health, LLC & The Rise Movement
DanetteMayKitchenDanette May is the founder of Mindful Health LLC, and The Rise Movement. She is a world renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author, and fitness trainer, as well as a wife and mother. She has shared her unique, inspiring message on such places as Access Hollywood, Hallmark Home and Family, and CBS.

Danette has changed the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives of millions of people around the world by focusing on healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mindset. She teaches students how to transform the “muck” of their lives into inner motivation, empowering them to love the bodies they live in and love the life they live. Her newest book, The Rise: An Unforgettable Journey of Self-Love, Forgiveness, and Transformation will be released October 23, 2018.
  • Book Title: The Rise: An Unforgettable Journey of Self-Love, Forgiveness, and Transformation
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  • Guest Twitter Account: @DanetteFitness
EP 52 - 3 Pillars of Healing: Foods, Movement & Mindset
Motivational speaker and fitness trainer Danette May believes that small hinges move big doors. Huge changes can’t take place overnight, but implementing small changes over time has great impact.

Danette’s personal journey started with the loss of her son during childbirth. A divorce and significant financial impact followed. She could choose to let life happen to her or co-create the life of her dreams.

You can take control of your life.

Danette recommends three pillars of health.

  1. Healing foods: Choose foods that will give you the energy you need to face the day. Consume fresh produce at least once per day. The decision to eat something fresh will make other decisions for your health easier.
  2. Healing movement: There’s no need to complicate life by jumping onto the latest fitness fad. Find something you enjoy and do it. Change your mental and physical state through movement.
  3. Healing mindset: The brain is very powerful. Visualize change and things going right.
Listen as Danette joins Dr. Bond to share her journey to take her life back.

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