EP 59 - Canines on Cannabis

Summary: Would Sparky benefit from some cannabis?
Air Date: 10/10/18
Duration: 22:41
Host: Dr. Ward Bond
Guest Bio: Carol Osborne, DVM
CarolOsborneDr. Carol Osborne is a world-renowned integrative veterinarian, author and entrepreneur. A pioneer in anti-aging medicine and longevity research for pets, she created and patented PAAWS: Pet Anti-Aging Wellness System for dogs and cats. Dr. Carol holds both the dog and cat scientific patents. She authored international best sellers, Naturally Healthy Dogs and Naturally Healthy Cats. Currently, Dr. Osborne offers traditional veterinary care integrated with natural holistic therapies, diets and remedies for dogs and cats at the Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center & Pet Clinic located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Dr. Carol is also a popular media personality and has been a frequent guest on FOX & Friends, The Today Show, Good Day L.A., and Discovery’s Animal Planet. She’s also been featured in USA Today, The L.A. Times, Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s World, InStyle, and the New York Daily News.
EP 59 - Canines on Cannabis
Dr. Carol Osborne sees cannabis products being used for pets just as they are used for humans. It can stimulate or numb receptors for different situations.

Dr. Osborne notes that cannabis isn’t approved for animal use by a veterinary authority, but that doesn’t stop holistic practitioners and pet parents from using CBD products on their pets. 

Since the products aren’t regulated, there’s no telling what exactly is in the vial, capsule or biscuit. Trying multiple brands may be necessary to get the desired result in your pet. The concentration may vary.

While there are no published studies of cannabis killing a pet, Dr. Osborne suggests starting with a very low dose and increasing the dosage in small increments.

Listen as Dr. Osborn joins Dr. Bond to discuss the ins and outs of cannabis for canines and kitties.

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