Encore Episode: Medication Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Summary: Taking shortcuts in the OTC aisle can be a health hazard.
Air Date: 9/25/19
Duration: 26:57
Host: Dr. Ward Bond
Guest Bio: Amy Shah, MD
Dr. Amy Shah, MD, received her medical training from three of the top schools in the country: Cornell, Harvard and Columbia universities. Shah is also a wellness and nutrition expert who utilizes her specialized skill set in Eastern and Western medicines to focus on hormones, allergies and gut health to help the body heal from the inside out. Shah operates a medical practice in Arizona where she sees more than 5,000 patients each year. She helps busy professionals implement diet and lifestyle plans that work around their schedules and acts as a coach to help keep them accountable for the healthy choices they are making. Shah has also been featured on multiple media outlets including The Huffington Post and The Dr. Oz Show.
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Encore Episode: Medication Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make
Over-the-counter drugs are an easy way to self-medicate when you need fast relief from some of life’s most common health obstacles.

Research shows that 81 percent of adults use OTC medicines as a first response to minor ailments and seven in ten parents have given their children OTC medicines late at night to help aid sudden medical symptoms according to Consumer Healthcare Products Association.

However taking shortcuts in the OTC aisle can be a health hazard.

The perceived safety net vibe OTC medications emit by being readily accessible to anyone on a store shelf without a prescription is the reason why many people tend to overuse them for a wide range of ailments including cold and flu, pain, fever, heartburn, allergies and insomnia.

With more than 300,000 OTC products on the market, the mistakes that can be made are high and so are the stakes for your health if misuse happens frequently.

Dr. Amy Shah, a double-board certified physician in internal medicine and allergy immunology, says the main problem with OTC medications is that most people do not take the time to thoroughly read the ingredient labels or strictly follow directions. Over-medicating with OTC’s, especially over long periods of time, can be particularly dangerous.  

Listen as Dr. Shah joins Dr. Bond to discuss the medication mistakes you don't want to make.

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