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Posted On Saturday, 22 September 2012
Your Healthier Life & RadioMD
Hi there!

My name is Melanie Cole and I am an Exercise Physiologist, personal trainer, wife, and mother of 2 wonderful kids. I've been in the health field for 25 years, and I'm delighted to host a number of shows here on RadioMD.

We do a wonderful show for the American Academy of Pediatrics called Healthy Children. Each week, I interview some of the world's best pediatricians.

It's such a great opportunity for all of us parents to get free advice on everything from sore throats and ear infections, to childhood milestones and behavior issues, and everything in between. I'm constantly learning from these world-class doctors, and I hope you'll join me as we explore new and practical ways to encourage our kids to be healthier and happier.

I also do a show for the American College of Sports Medicine. They are the world's largest, global sports medicine organization, and.they provide amazing Orthopedic Surgeons, Fitness Trainers, Physical Therapists and many other experts in the sports and fitness fields.

With their help, our new show, Train Your Body, will get you motivated and ready to get going on your own fitness routine, or we'll help you improve the one you're already pursuing. I personally know how challenging it can be to find something that not only works for you, but works for your life.

I have struggled with my weight all my life. I am not heavy (but I am an eater!) and at 4'10", I have to work hard to keep myself in check. I come from a family that has always struggled with our weight. When I was 2, my mother lost 120 lbs, and never put it back on. She worked hard at it, and stuck to it.

I think that explains why I went into the health field.

I'm the youngest of 6 children and 3 foster kids...and we each have our own issues and health challenges. My sister has had Lap Band over Bypass and is now almost at her goal weight. It has been a hard, long road for her and I'm so proud of the commitment she's made to regaining her health.

write-down-food-diarySo, if you were to ask me the most important thing to do to lose weight, I would say - write your food down. Yep, that's the big one. Keep track of every bite you eat (yes, every bite), and then read what you ate in a day to yourself in the mirror at night.

It is not as easy as it sounds.

It makes you accountable to yourself and helps you understand how quickly a bite of this, and a bite of that, can all add up. You can exercise and try to eat less, and try to consume mostly healthy foods...but at the end of the day, if you have to be accountable for what you did, it makes you rethink what you do, as you do it. It can feel rather tedious at first, but it really helps, and the results are worth it. I promise!

People are always telling you what to do to be healthy. They tell you to avoid this or do that, but we really know what to do. Don't we?

We know we should exercise and shouldn't smoke. We know we shouldn't to go to fast food restaurants very often, and should keep the junk food to a minimum. But the thing is, we're practically bombarded with unhealthy options, and when we're on the run, and hip-deep in our hectic lives, for many of us, the quick fix feels like the only choice. So let's discuss real, workable, and attainable ways to try to do the healthy things we already know we're supposed to do, and I'm confident we'll figure it out together.

I would love your feedback, thoughts, suggestions, and ideas.

Melanie Cole, MS

Melanie Cole, MS, is the RadioMD Director of Operations. She has a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology.

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