Meditation Tips for Beginners

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Meditation can have many health benefits, both physical and mental.
Air Date: 9/16/15
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Russell Eric Dobda
Russell Eric Dobda was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After acquiring an information science degree at the University of Pittsburgh, he started a career in software engineering in Cleveland, Ohio and eventually relocated to Austin, Texas. After 12 years behind the desk of corporate America, several life-changing events inspired him follow his heart to focus on writing, healing, and music. He started a guided meditation project called "Guided Meditation Treks" and soon earned his certification to teach yoga. An epic yearlong trip around the world helped him to see how vast and limitless the world actually is, and this realization led him to write books to inspire others so that they may follow their own dreams. Russ believes that the limit to your ability is where you place it, and when you live your life story from the heart, magic happens.
  • Book Title: How To Spin the World Around: With Cheap Travel, Technology and Mindfulness
  • Guest Twitter Account: @MeditationTreks
Meditation Tips for Beginners
Meditation can have many health benefits, both physical and mental.

But, if you've never meditated before, it might seem a bit intimidating or mysterious.

Russell Eric Dobda, who has a meditation program called "Guided Meditation Treks," says that guided meditations are a good way to start if you're new. Having someone guide you through the process gives you a point of reference and focus. If you try to meditate by yourself, you may struggle to stay focused and in the present moment.

There are varied types of meditation, each using different elements, such as focus points, silence, breathing, and/or mantras and chanting. Dobda suggests that you gain awareness of the different types of meditation and use what works best for you. 

In this segment, Dobda also discusses binaural beats, a type of technology which plays tones that drive your brain wave patterns into certain frequencies. These frequencies may be more conducive to focusing, relaxation, or restful sleep.

Listen in as Dobda joins host Lisa Davis to share more about the benefits of meditation, as well as some tips for beginners.