Don’t Wait... Start a Healthier Lifestyle Now

From the Show: Health Radio
Summary: Why wait until January to get started on personal health goals?
Air Date: 12/11/15
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Theresa Roemer, CEO of Theresa Roemer, LLC
Theresa RoemerTheresa Roemer has been a small business owner since opening her first fitness facilities in Wyoming in 1991. Currently, she is the CEO of Theresa Roemer, LLC, and oversees the development of several lifestyle brands. She recently opened a showroom in Houston, Texas where she is creating a bespoke fitness and clothing wear line, as well as a home and décor line.

An extreme supporter of many local and national charities, Theresa is a board member for Child Legacy International, making frequent trips to Malawi to build sustainable programs for children there, teaching them how solar and wind create electricity, and installing clean water filtration systems. She is a member of the Circle of Red for the America Heart Association and raises hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Theresa has been an ambassador for the Texas Children's Hospital since 2008.
Don’t Wait... Start a Healthier Lifestyle Now
With the holidays comes increased stress levels, lack of sleep, busier schedules, and lots of decadent food temptation.

Plus, if your metabolism gets out of whack, weight gain is imminent.

One of the biggest fitness mistakes people make is not factoring in extra calories and not increasing activity levels to compensate.

What are five tips on why you shouldn't wait to start a healthier lifestyle?
  1. Have a party strategy
  2. Make it a family affair
  3. Track it
  4. Limit alcohol
  5. Manage stress

Listen in as Theresa Roemer, CEO of Theresa Roemer, LLC, joins Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss why you shouldn't wait to get a jump start on a healthier lifestyle.