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Hectic Life? How to Find Your Peace

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: It's a hectic, frazzled world we live in. How can you slow down the pace and cherish being in the now?
Air Date: 8/27/14
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Anu Abraham, PT, DPT
Dr. Anu Abraham specializes in mind/body work and is an empath.

Anu incorporates her experience from traditional Physical Therapy and her passion/understanding of the mind-body connection to foster truly integrative therapy. The relationship between the subconscious mind and its direct influence on the health of the body are connected and therefore addressed. In all conditions, the mind and body are not separate.

Anu, an empath, can facilitate a release in the body while shifting perspective in the mind to relieve stress which will help to relax and give space for the body to heal, as long as the mind and body allow the release. The sessions with her are both powerful and empowering as information and awareness of what the body is holding is provided.
Hectic Life? How to Find Your Peace
Mind-body therapies have garnered a lot of attention as of late, particularly in a world where everyone is running to get somewhere, all the time.

How can you slow down that pace and cherish the present moment?

Dr. Anu Abraham, an empath, incorporates her experience from traditional physical therapy and her passion and understanding of the mind-body connection to foster integrative therapy and help you be truly mindful.

Part of her approach is getting you in touch with your emotions.

No matter what emotions come up, Dr. Abraham's patients usually feel very grounded and very present. This stems from the connection to your subconscious.

Much of your subconscious is solidified from birth to age seven. But until you address what was learned in those years, you don't necessarily get the results that you want in life or in your health.

You need to work out some of the old memories, traumas, patterns, thoughts, and emotions and bring both your body and mind into the present so you can address those issues and move forward.

You are free to move forward because you don't have that "block" holding you back and working against you.

However, this type of therapy only works if you're open to understanding and identifying what you're holding in.

It's really important to get ahead of these thoughts and emotions, especially if they're negative, because they can manifest as physical ails in the future.

Every emotion has a vibe. For instance, love has one of the strongest vibes and is also one of the most healing things that you can bring into your body. Or, if someone is very angry, that vibe can be felt as well.

What can you do in your daily life to stay present?

Activating your senses is the fastest way to bring yourself back to present time. Rubbing your fingers together, snapping your fingers -- that tells your body to get out of your head and notice what you're doing and what's going on around you.

Take deep breaths; as you breathe in, notice where that breath is going within your body... down the nose, down the throat, into the abdomen. Hold your breath and then release. Being aware of where your breath is automatically brings you back to the now.

Stretching, walking or simply moving around are also great ways to get back to present. The moment you're feeling what's happening with your body, you're in present time.

Finally, smell something, like an essential oil. This brings your mind into this very moment.

Listen as Dr. Abraham discusses the work she does, how it can help you to stay present, and why being in the now is so very important -- both mentally and physically.